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The Whispered World (pc game)
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  • It seems to be some sort of horn
  • What part of the city is this?!
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Stunning graphical adventure

The Whispered is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Daedalic Entertainment and published by Deep Silver. It has an engaging storyline, decent gameplay and really nice cartoonish visuals. The story of the game follows Sadwick, a sad circus-clown who wakes up from a nightmare and realizes that the world around him starts falling apart. And that's basically the synopsys we get from the beginning of the game. While the story seems engaging and makes you wanna keep playing in order to find out what's coming up next, the gameplay is basic, but they seems to try different approaches to be more original. Whenever you click on an object, a small scrolls opens up, offering you the actions you can do on that specific object. You'll also notice a bunch of small circles would appear on the screen, indicating which objects can the player interact with. While the details of the world and the animations are great, the voice acting seems sometimes bland, but it's not an awful performance.