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Let's all go to the zoo together!

There are a number of entries in the Wildlife Park series of Zoo Tycoon-style management sims, including add-ons such as Crazy Zoo and Marine World for Wildlife Park 2. Most of them are pretty solid experiences and this third entry sticks to what the franchise does best, making it a fair choice for anyone into wildlife and management sims. As is typical for the genre, you're in the role of park manager and it's your job to build your attraction up so that it's profitable. You're in charge of all aspects, from choosing which animals to display, housing and feeding them and finding various ways to get in the punters. This one is a little different in some ways, such as in the campaign mode. Here, you actually travel to other parks to help them with their own facilities, and the money you earn from this goes to maintaining yours and there are some cool personalities and stories to discover this way. You can also play in free mode, where you choose a country for your park and then aim to build up your ranking, which earns you new facilities and animals to feature. Wildlife Park 3 is a fairly familiar sort of game and there's little here you haven't seen before in other such games. It does feel a little unpolished or unfinished as if it was released a little too early, which does make it a tad frustrating as there some notable design flaws which could have been ironed out given more time. However, it's still easy enough to have fun here if you're prepared to overlook such things, and it is quite satisfying watching your park grow, so if you're feeling forgiving and like animals, this is worth a look.