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Wing Commander (pc game)
3.69 out of 5 (13 votes)
  • Campaign options
  • Intro sequence
  • Meeting the locals
  • Well, hello there!
  • Spartan stuff
  • Briefing map
  • He's the boss
  • What a beauty
  • In the cockpit
  • Taking a hit
  • Oh dear
  • Funeral ceremony
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Space Shooting has never been more enticing!

Wing Commander is the kind of game that truly shines when it comes to the way it was produced, and the way it was deployed. It's definitely very well organized, very well polished, graphically, gameplay wise, and controls wise. What it never really gotten recognized for was the modern physics that it used, to create the feel of moving through space. It has, for its time (1990) an absolutely fantastic set of physics, that affect your ship, but also the ships of the enemy and any other kind of elements that are moving through space. And, also, it paved the way for games such as X Wing to come and create their own blend of space shooting, navigation and action, with a penchant for gameplay that was never too serious not to be easily to digest and internalize. But, most of all, what Wing Commander does great is create a feeling of satisfaction in terms of the way it moves, it's definitely a well produced gem of a game, and, without a doubt, it's got a lot of staples down for the first time for the entire gaming community.

Classical flight simulation featuring multiple endings

Flight simulations games kicked off or became famous due to this game which is really a top notch flight simulation. It is basically an installment of the great series that is still played by modern gamers. Staring of with the tons of features, it has some very good flight dynamics which are very realistic and thrilling. You can control your armed aircraft very easily and do a lot of moves and action with its the theme is pretty conventional where you will be going all guns blazing with your aircraft and destroying enemy targets and bases in the process. The user interface in the form of the flight controls are very good and you can catch in on all the options easily. Though it's an arcade style action simulation but is quite fun and addictive. The graphics in the game are very appropriate and facilitating for a flight simulation and you really get engaged in the gameplay. The best feature which is quite unique if you go for games of those times is the fact that it features multiple endings and those endings are dependent on your performance in the game. So you won't get bored when you have completed the game once as it will give you a different ending the next time you play it. X-wing and games like this one are the flag carriers of this genre.