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The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings (pc game)
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  • Never mess with a witcher!
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A true RPG classic

The original Witcher is a classic slice of fantasy RPGing that stands comfortably alongside the Elder Scrolls series as true benchmarks of the genre. This sequel maintains the incredibly high standards of its predecessor but to get the full experience you are best advised to start at the beginning, work your way through this and then finish up with the recently released Witcher 3. You won't regret it. This one starts out with our hero Geralt languishing in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He manages to convince his jailers to let him investigate to prove his guilt, and finds himself in a complex plot which will lead him to the shocking discovery that another witcher is behind it all. The gameplay here is similar to the original, being a third-person adventure which takes place in a fantastically dark world where some pretty serious issues are addressed and where nothing is quite as it seems. There's so much to do here, from combat to engaging in politics, to crafting and so much more and this is one game which is going to last a long time. There are a few changes from before, including a simplified combat system but overall this is pretty similar to before. It remains however a masterclass in how to do an RPG properly, with the player really challenging themself in a variety of morally ambiguous situations and with a fantastically realized world that feels alive and real and which is never less than enthralling to explore. Throw in some superb graphics and sound and you have an absolute must play.