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Woodcutter Simulator (pc game)
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Log off!

IF you are desperate enough to pick up this game, you've got nobody to blame but yourself for wasting your time on this pointless little experience. The title alone is enough to tell you what you're getting yourself into and the whole thing really is as dull and tedious as it sounds. No prizes for guessing that here you play the role of a woodcutter and this is no fairy tale take on the job and instead, it's a proper little woodcutting sim which sees you in control of every aspect of the position. So, you'll have to go out and cut the trees down, before transporting them back to your sawmill and heaving them into the mill to churn out logs, before lugging them to your waiting truck to send them out to your customers. There is a campaign to play through with different missions, but they are all basically the same and only really vary in the amount of logs needed to complete them. You can switch between the five aspects of production at will but really it's hard to see why anyone would actually want to do it more than once, as this game really is that bad. For any retired loggers out there who might be tempted to get back into things, this isn't going to be realistic or detailed enough to scratch that itch, and for anyone else who actually enjoys games with actual gameplay, this is simply going to be an utter chore. Everything moves at the pace of a snail and there is next to nothing to actually do. Throw in some pretty amateurish visuals and lackluster presentation and you have one of the most pointless games ever.