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World of Tanks (pc game)
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Tanks for the memories

If Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty are not your cup of tea but you still like the idea of blowing people up online, then perhaps World of Tanks might be of more interest. It's a massively popular multiplayer shooter that has seemingly taken the world by storm, partly no doubt due to its free-to-play status. It's a very different experience from your average shooter but if you can hack the slower pace and even slower progression, it provides some top entertainment. The game does away with any pretence at story and although it's ostensibly set in World War II, it makes no attempt to stick to authenticity. The whole thing is pretty simple in concept, pitting two teams of opposing forces against one another and charging them with either destroying all the other tanks or taking over the enemy base in order to emerge victorious. There are loads of tanks to try out, each with their own unique characteristics, and which come from both Germany and the US, but there's no division so they can fight alongside each other. World of Tanks is not going to be for everyone as there are a number of features which are very much a matter of taste. First of which is the fact that if you die in a match you don't respawn and must wait until the next one before coming back, which can get frustrating, especially when you're new to the game. Progression is also slow as the game wants you to spend real money, so unless you're prepared to do so, you've got to wait to get to the good stuff. If you are a tank fan though, it's well worth a look.