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World War One (pc game)
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The Great War beckons

Taking its inspiration from the board game of the same name, this is a turn-based strategy title which has seen a number of releases over the years but with this version being the definitive one and which is well worth picking up. As the name suggests, this is set during the First World War and is effectively a grand strategy offering in a similar vein to Hearts of Iron. You've got a range of nations to play as, a set of scenarios and campaigns to play through, with the focus being very much on authentic military strategies, diplomatic relations, and economic management. You'll have to organize your armies, arrange supply routes, produce weapons, choose your leaders and all sorts of other things if you want to succeed, including maintaining relationships with your allies. This version includes an all-new scenario as well as offering a number of tweaks and upgrades, including all the rules changes, while it also offers a number of ways to play, including LAN and online multiplayer. World War One is perhaps not for the novice strategy gamer as it can be a bit daunting if you've never played such a game before, but if you're an old-hand then this is probably going to be your new best friend. There's no denying the depth on offer here and this has to be one of the most complex but satisfying such games on the market. The interface is a bit clunky though and getting used to some of the rules can take some time, while the visuals are a bit stuttery, but these are minor considerations and overall, this is an excellent strategy title.