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WRC: FIA World Rally Championship (pc game)
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  • WRC: FIA World Rally Championship pc game
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Rally me this

The WRC franchise is a pretty extensive set of rally games and which stand as pretty solid choice for fans of things like Colin McRae. This offering is a fairly middling one which isn't classic stuff but which does just about deliver what you would expect from such a game, making it one to look for if you've played all the other rally games on the market. You've got the usual array of options to choose from here, with the main focus being the single-player career mode which takes you all around the world from a rookie driver to the number one racer (if you're good that is). You can also choose to run single races if you're not in the mood for the full campaign mode, while there are four categories of car to race in. These include the standard WRC cars, alongside P-WRC, S-WRC and even J-WRC, just to round out the set. The game also features a fairly realistic damage and dirt model, so you do feel like you're in the driving seat, while the official drivers from the period are also included to complete the sense of authenticity. Although it's not as good as the Dirt games or Richard Burns Rally, this is still entertaining stuff. It's let down by its unappealing visuals and presentation but if you can get past this, then there's much to enjoy. The actual driving is well implemented, with excellent handling and physics which adds much to the experience. The tracks are nicely designed too, being fun and challenging to race around, so it's just a shame that the aesthetics are as uninspiring as they are.