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Wreckers (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Intro sequence
  • Going up
  • Map view
  • Keeping tabs on the droids
  • Sucking up space goo
  • Get it!
  • Under attack!
  • Send in the troops
  • My God! Send in the medics!
  • Game box art
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Sci Fi isometric action adventure, very well produced

In Wreckers you will be an ad hoc action hero, generally playing about in this futuristic space station and its narrow corridors. But, for its limitations, the game plays extremely well, it has very nice graphics and enemies and fights that even hardcore action RPGs would love having, say even a title like Diablo would love to be as neat as this one! But, antithetically to Diablo, this title is all about clean and white areas, rather than dark and underground ones. Up until a point at least, because things that seem taken out of the Alien series will make themselves feel present after a while, which definitely makes for a game that can be quite challenging and intense at times. So, yeah, you'll almost feel that Wreckers is an RPG, only without the hassle of managing traits and all that, instead you will be able to play as any of a few characters and manage a party of 3 characters, which can add a lot the game diversity and tactics feel. So yeah, very playable action, top down isometric adventure, alien infested and lots of fun. Definitely worth trying for all Sci Fi dungeon crawlers out there.