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Wurm (pc game)
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  • Eat and grow
  • Another classic Snake game
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Wally, the worm is hungry! Feed him!

Wurm is a game similar in many ways with Snake; you have to go around with your articulated worm and move him around and, while at it, you have to eat the pellets that are scattered in the level. There are the basic, simple pellets, but from time to time in the level some other, higher caloric (!) thingies pop up; eating them, as fast as possible, because they don't stay in the level as long, will grant you more points. Now, there is also a problem in that you can't allow your worm to hit the walls, or, for that matter, his own body, which gets bigger as you eat more and more. Thus, after you've reached a certain size, you will be able to move on to a new level. This will also increase the speed of the game. Also, as you go on, dissimilar to snake, after you've consumed a little bit, you leave behind a portion of your skin, which in the game is a non passable obstacle. So you have to make sure you don't touch it, that you keep away form it. Also, there is spider sink from the occasional baddie in the level, so that too poses a challenge. But, if you like the idea of the game, you'll find it thoroughly fun, even if a little mindless. So have Wurm in your collection too!