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Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict (pc game)
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Get ready for war

The Strategic Command series of turn-based strategy games is a pretty solid one which offers some decent World War II tactical wargaming for armchair generals. Global Conflict is one of the later offerings in the franchise, and while it doesn't offer a whole heap of new features, it does a decent enough job so fans should lap it up, despite the lack of innovation. If you have played one of the earlier titles, you'll be familiar with the gameplay on offer here, as you're thrust into a series of historical campaigns which allow you to choose from one of six major and 58 minor nations and which will see you taking part in a number of tactical, turn-based battles. There are a number of different unit types which can be utilized and which each have their own distinct uses, while you'll also need to take into account resources and research if you want to emerge victorious. Apart from that, this is pretty much business as usual for this sort of thing, so don't go in expecting too much in the way of surprises. If you do, you'll probably be disappointed as there really isn't anything you haven't seen before here. However, taken at face value, this is actually quite a nice bit of turn-based strategy fun. There's a good level of challenge so whether you're a newcomer or a veteran, you should be okay here, thanks to the intuitive controls and accessible interface. The visuals are nothing to write home about but they do the job, with similar sound. The gameplay however is what you come for and in this respect, this is solid, if uninspiring stuff.