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X Rebirth: Home of Light Complete Edition (pc game)
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To infinity and beyond!

X Rebirth took a massive slating upon its initial release, mainly from fans of predecessors like Albion Prelude and Terran Conflict who were disappointed by a number of glaring omissions, awkward controls and other such issues. The fact that the game was bugged terribly didn't help much, but to the developer's credit, they've been beavering away on the game and have now got it to the point where it's actually a pretty fine Freelancer/Elite-style space trading/exploration experience. The Home of Light expansion is one of a couple of add-ons that opened up new areas of space to venture around, with new missions, new wares to trade and new lore to discover and which also includes the first pack, Teladi Outpost, which offers similar amounts of new content. The essential gameplay is still the same, and which sees you roaming around the galaxy, being a space pirate or honest trader, or mix of the two, while carving out your spacefaring dreams. There's not much of a storyline here and it's more about doing your own thing, with the actual plot serving more as an extended tutorial than anything else. Newcomers to the series should find this game a pretty decent experience now. Since the updates, things have got smoother and more immersive, and while it still suffers from obscure design choices that make things less intuitive than they should be, the whole ride is a lot smoother. It's obviously not a triple A game, as although the space stuff looks impressive, there's a lot of repetition in the interiors and character models, but the exploration's the thing, and in this respect, Rebirth just got a whole lot better with these expansions.