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XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) (pc game)
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  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) pc game
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  • Taking the shot from a street corner
  • Fighting a robot at the gas station

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Save the planet!

The original X-COM games are superb examples of the turn-based strategy gaming which evolved from the likes of Laser Squad and which are now synonymous with the genre. Enemy Unknown is a modern installment in the franchise which is effectively a remake of UFO Defense but which adds in so many new elements that it's a must-play for newcomers or veterans alike. The game is set in the near future during an alien invasion of Earth. You're in charge of XCOM, the organization tasked with our planet's defense and over the course of a series of challenging missions, you'll find all your strategic skills being put to the test. There's a mix of managerial and fighting aspects to take care of as you switch between allocating resources and researching technology to ordering troops around in the turn-based combat sections. These are perhaps the most exciting area and see you in charge of several soldiers each with their own unique skills and weapons and which offer lots of customization and strategy. Enemy Unknown really is a cracking slice of tactical fun. It's got a superb storyline which really sucks you into the game's world but even better is the gameplay itself. There's just so much to do, you'll be kept busy for hours, whether it's taking care of Earth's defenses or taking the fight to the enemy directly. The various elements are all integrated superbly so that there's always something to occupy your mind and there's just a perfect sense of polish and attention in every aspect of the game. A must play.