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XCOM: Enemy Within (pc game)
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The enemy lurks within

The X-Com series is something of a legend amongst gaming fans, having stemmed from revolutionary titles like Laser Squad and Rebelstar Raiders. Enemy Within is an add-on pack for one of the more recent offerings in the franchise, Enemy Unknown, and if that is a game which you're still playing, then this is a fine way to extend its lifespan even more. The essential gameplay is the same as the base game, this being a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements and which sees you battling alien attackers in the near future as part of the elite XCOM organization. Missions require you to make use of a squad of soldiers, each with their own unique skills and gear, while also being set in generally confined environments. This pack allows you to genetically modify your troopers as well as giving you the ability to make robot soldiers, while there are also several new maps to play on, and even a multiplayer mode. For anyone with even the slightest interest in turn-based strategy, both this and Enemy Unknown are absolute must plays. Start off with the base game and then if you enjoy that, then pick this up as it serves to enhance a classic genre offering. Although the differences and additions might not seem that great, there's certainly enough here to keep you happy, with plenty of challenge to be found across the new maps, while the new customization options and units bring a nice element of depth to proceedings. The visuals and interface are as good as ever, so really, this is a cracking offering.