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Zappa Roidz (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Asteroids remix, with a few new additions; playable and fun

Zappa Roid is an Asteroids clone, built around the gameplay idea that put that classic on the map; you roam about in this 2D space, full of asteroids flying about randomly. You have to shoot them until they're reduced to nothingness, and in order to reduce their dimensions so much that they disappear, each asteroid has to be targeted at least a couple of times, as they don't shrink just by shooting them once. But, Zappa Roid doesn't have the same minimal built as its predecessor; it also includes a few cool additions, some new upgrades in terms of the weapons used and many more other space trinkets to help you out on your mission, or collectibles that just give you points. But, it's still a flat 2D shooter game, and if that is what you were looking for, that is what you will get. The game ends when you collide with asteroids or asteroid shards more times than the total amount of lives you have, but you can restart as much as you want. So, definitely, worth in one's arcade remixes collection, for sure! Download it!