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Offering a great mix of enjoyable first person shooting, as seen in Serious Sam, with elements of rogue-likes such as Rogue, Ziggurat is a fast-paced actioner that provides a lot of fun. There's not much in the way of storyline here, so don't go in expecting a deep narrative experience to go with your action and you'll be quite happy. The game plays out a lot like Doom or Hexen in a way, with a fantasy-style world where the goal is simply to explore and kill all the nasty beasties that get in your way, with the overall goal of being an awesome wizard. The rogue-like elements come into play with things like random level generation, level up perks, permadeath and so on. You've got access to a wide range of cool weapons and spells too, while there's an extensive range of pretty impressive monsters to take on and it's all played out in fairly light-hearted fashion, with action that never really lets up. Ziggurat isn't going to last you forever and it's possible to get through a single sitting in around an hour or so, but it does have some replay value thanks to the random generation. It's also a lot of fun while it lasts, with action that never lets up and which is in-your-face and exciting. The range of weapons and spells is impressive, and there's a lot of fun to be had with experimenting with them, and they all feel different and satisfyingly meaty. There's little in the way of variety in terms of gameplay though, and although the enemies look different, they all act in pretty much the same way. Overall, this isn't deep or complex but it is fun.