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Zombie Army Trilogy (pc game)
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  • Rebellion presents
  • Image game
  • Select character
  • Review your inventory
  • Checkpoint
  • Zombie Army Trilogy pc game
  • Put target
  • Big explosion
  • Shoot the zombie
  • Select weapon
  • Search corpse
  • The enemy is coming
  • Headshot
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
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Aargh! Brains!

Strangely enough, this is a spin-off from the decent Sniper Elite v2 sniping game and which adds in a whole heap of zombie Nazis to the mix of shooting and stealthing. It's still not a great game, though, lacking the thrills and sheer excitement of the best shooters, although sniping is pretty satisfying stuff, especially when it's zombies in your sights. The story here revolves around Hitler's attempts to create a zombie army to win the war but surprisingly enough, you don't play an American hero but a German one, as you attempt to stop this tide of evil. Gameplay is very much the same as the inspiration, being a shooter which focuses on long-ranged kills and sneaking around, while you also have access to a few neat traps to catch the bad guys unawares. There are three episodes to play through (the first two were originally released separately, with the third only available here, hence the name), with fifteen levels in total, and while most of them are fairly tight, the third installment opens things up a bit. Anyone intending to play this in single-player is likely to get bored quite quickly and you're probably better off with Dying Light or Wolfenstein as things are just too tedious. However, if you can grab some friends for the co-op mode, then you're in for a much better time, as the shooting action is much more fun in company. However you play, though, the visuals are way too drab and the level design is not all that exciting, so really, you won't be missing much if you skip this completely.