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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Question) will help you to solve your most common problems using Squakenet service. Have a look to see if your problem have already been solved. If not, contact us, and we try to help you as quick as we can.

How to download games from
You need to click one of the shops proposed in the list and follow the instruction on the partner site. Generally you will be asked the payment details. After those are verified you will receive the access to the download or the code to redeem in the game distribution platform.

I've downloaded and installed a game but it does not work, what to do?
You have to contact the digital distribution support and provide all the detail of the issue.

I haven't received the code after purchasing a game yet, what to do?
You have to contact the retailer support and provide all the detail of the issue such as the purchase order number.

What is a direct download?
A direct download is a digital download you will be able to do as soon as you purchase a game.

What is a box sale?
A box sale is an "offline" classic sale. You will receive a CD, DVD or any other format phisically at the shipping address you will provide during the purchase.

How can I play an old game that is no longer supported on modern machines?
The direct download use to have a supported version, so, if it's not working you should check the distributuion platform support and provide all the information. If however you have purchased a box sale, you won't be able to get any support (unless specified in the sale conditions). In such case you can check one of the following guides:

Can you add the a game to the catalog?
No. Squakenet can only link games made available on partners sites.