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What we offer

Squakenet is the widest collection of retro games you can find in internet. For retrogames we mean titles no longer sold or supported by their original producers. Unfortunately these software products are no longer in commerce so, our goal at Squakenet is to preserve those videogames from the oblivion, proposing several sources to let you enjoy playing again on your computer. We are also integrated with the top digital distribution channels such as Amazon and GoG to give you the best offer available.

Where to download

Since 2001 we collect all the information from the best old gaming resources in Internet. We have an integrated system with the most important web sites publishing all the downloadable (old) videogames in the history, you can check their status in our partners ring or just browsing Squakenet pages:

How to run and play games

Sometimes you may have some problems running old dos games on modern operating systems. In this case you can use a great emulator, DosBox, that will make you live again those old nostalgic moments. Here you can find a simple Dosbox tutorial and all references needed to run it. With it you can even play from non-Windows operating system such as Linux or Mac. We are providing you also some tutorials to help in the goal: