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  • 5 out of 5 (8 votes)
    Darkseed 2 (pc game)
  • Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Horror
  • Software house: Cyberdreams
  • Year: 1995
  • System: DOS
5 out of 5

Promising and dark

Dark Seed 2 is an adventure game released in 1995 by Cyberdreams, and also the sequel to the original Dark Seed. This game brings the same Mike Dawson, who tries to recover from a mental illness. In the precedent Dark Seed, he messed up the plans of the Ancients, and this time he is dealing with them again. He is regarded as a suspect in the murder of his high school sweetheart, Rita, but the Ancients are responsible for the crime. The only one who finds him innocent it's his friend, Jack. This game is even darker than the first edition, and you have to explore between the real world and the Dark World. Some scenes are likely to give you the creeps, these sequences being sustained by the horror music. The graphics are excellent for a game so old, making it very authentic. By watching the box cover, I thought it looks very promising, and fortunately, it demonstrated its high potential based on many improvements and an interesting storyline. The fictional universe is the host to a point and click experience. The puzzle-solving implies exploring, collecting items, interacting with people. Dark Seed 2 deserves your attention, since it impresses by all the aspects mentioned above and I think that's enough to say in order to capture your interest.

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