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Death Rally is a 1996 racing game that was the very first production of Remedy Entertainment, being published by Apogee Software. The last company subsequently changed its name into 3D Realms. The remake of this 1996 edition was released in 2012. In this game your main goal is to win races, driving against difficult opponents and win rewards, using the money to upgrade your car. These upgrades concern your engine (for increasing the speed), your tires (for a better drifiting and for improving the traction), and your armor, which is useful for avoiding and decreasing the damage caused by the environment elements and by your fierce competitors. It's more likely you will forget about purchasing cars, and you will concentrate on repairing them. The graphics are based on a top-down perspective. The environment is full of details and it seems like every element on the screen has its own suitable place. You will appreciate the fact that nearly nothing is missing from the visual design. The cars will accomodate differently depending upon the track and terrain type. When you start the race, you must adopt your strategy in your way to victory. Thumbs up for this addictive game!

Action or racing game?

At a first look Death Rally seems to be a classic racing game, but, after a couple of laps you will understand it is an action game! In Death Rally you will partecipate in a competition divided by groups. You manage a budget and with that money you can buy weapons to destroy your opponents, faster cars and so on. It is a really addictive computer game.
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Death Rally (pc game)
4.56 out of 5 (75 votes)

Images gallery:

  • Game main menu
  • Death Rally game credits
  • Take the flash for some nitro!
  • Use your weapon against the opponents
  • Here the league results
  • You can buy from underground market (and sabotage your opponents...)
  • Second stage
  • Second stage, finishing...
  • Choosing to race in Hell Mountain
  • Third stage, battle for third place
  • Starting 4th stage
  • Take that money and improve your car
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Let the best survive!
  • Game ranking screen
  • This is the second those idiots ruin my car!
  • Watch out for that thing!
  • A snapshot extracted from game introduction video.
  • Ready! Set! Go!
  • It's nice that they've put an arrow