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Descent: Freespace Battle Pack (pc game)
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  • Publisher's name
  • Intro sequence
  • Final section of intro sequence
  • First level equipped with basic weapon
  • First level encountering enemies
  • First level, collecting item
  • Enemy exploding
  • Secret door
  • Making my escape from the first level
  • About to die!
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Flying around in a narrow hallway
  • Now I'm seeing red!
  • Main menu screen
  • Won't you die already
  • Gotta be careful about that lava
  • A snapshot extracted from game introduction video.
  • Information avout the ship
  • Some more lava
  • Hmm...What should I say

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To infinity and beyond!

The original Descent games are superbly exciting and claustrophobic tunnel shooters, and while this spinoff is very different in tone, being more similar to the space shooter Wing Commander games, it's just as enjoyable. This pack actually includes the base game plus the expansion pack Silent Threat and if you're looking for some high-flying space opera action, then grab this right away. This one has a fairly typical but generally interesting science fiction plot, involving the usual alien invasions and all sorts of macho posturing with gung-ho pilots, and it does a good job of keeping you hooked to the end. The main focus of the game is on intense space-based combat, so you'll be taking control of a variety of customizable fighters and bombers and then engaging in some full-on combat missions which will see you taking on capital ships and which makes the game feel truly epic. For anyone into space combat games, such as the X-Wing or TIE Fighter series, then this is a must play. Although it looks a little dated now after all these years, with graphics that are a little simple and lacking in detail, it remains a highly compelling experience. The storyline is pretty decent, with enough twists and turns to keep you entertained, but it's the gameplay which is the star here. Although also relatively simple, the combat is never less than intense and exciting, with varied missions, tight controls and an epic sense of scale which really makes you feel part of something much bigger. Overall, this needs to be in any space fan's collection, along with its sequel, Freespace 2.

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