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  • 4.5 out of 5 (8 votes)
    Eternam (pc game)
  • Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction
  • Software house: Infogrames
  • Year: 1992
  • System: DOS
2 out of 5

Very bad

Eternam is a game that tries to hard. It is meant to be a wacky and humorous sci fi adventure game that will appeal to sci fi lovers but unfortunately fails on too many levels. The humor and wackiness are present and that's more or less the only good thing about it. The game is set on the beautiful planet of Eternam and you assume the role of officer Don Jonz who gets from one accident to another in a very funny way. You have to make your way through the five islands of Eternam to Nuke's lair, who is your arch nemesis and is trying to take over the planet. The game's plot then complicates to the point of absurd, has very illogical and, safe to say, stupid puzzles and a combat system that will more probably grind your nerves than provide fun. The graphics include semi professional real live actors who do a half assed job. The audio is okay, but nothing special. The game had a lot of potential that unfortunately wasn't used properly. A shame. Rather go play something else, like Metal Gear Solid.

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