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Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel (pc game)
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  • Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel pc game
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It is overall good

It is basically a simulation game which involves the business of trucking or transportation. You have an 18 wheeler large truck in the game and your mission is to load cargos under various contracts and to transport them safely and timely to their desired destinations as defined in the contract. You need to enhance your revenue by acquiring more and more contracts and you will use the money you earn for expansion of your business and in customizing and improving the 18 wheeler. You also have options to hire and recruit other drivers for loading and hauling. There are three different gaming arenas in the gameplay where there are different routes involving varied difficulty level. You have highways, passes, streets and some very busy roads. The controls in the game to ride the truck are not simple to master because truck driving is after all quite different and difficult as compared to driving a car. The graphics in the game are very alluring and the user interface is simple and interactive to exercise all the options with ease. The level designs are very innovative and the music is also somewhat good. So the game is overall good.