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Hard Truck: Road to Victory (pc game)
4.61 out of 5 (57 votes)
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  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.

A fantastic truck simulation and racing game

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are driving a truck. That's right, a big, massive and powerful truck. It is both a truck simulation and truck racing game. You can choose to race with other tracks in two or three simple tracks, and there is a mode where you can just drive a truck to deliver cargo to your designated location. The second mode might be bit boring, since you do nothing but drive a truck and do nothing more, but it's worth it for two reasons - primarily the extremely beautiful landscape you drive through. It is designed with the utmost care and detail and you can really feel like you're really there. There was a track with you driving on a mountain - there was the most beautiful view of other mountains and I couldn't stop going WOW every time I saw that. And secondly, the game simulates the job of a truck driver pretty accurately. While driving, you get to experience what a real truck driver feels and does on the road. Now, multiply that by a 1000 miles. But mostly, this is a truck racing game. You can change the view from behind the wheel to outside of the truck, whatever you like. There is also a good rearview mirror that helps you while driving. As I said, the graphics are phenomenal, extremely detailed and all in 3D. The interior of the truck is also designed with much accuracy and detail. There is no soundtrack to mention, unfortunately. Overall, this is a fantastic truck simulation and racing game and you should try this one and the games sequels, Hard Truck 2 and the rest of the game's series.

It's the only road to Victory!

This game is actually a really good game. If you play it long enough ,you will unlocked something great. Also if you have enough money to do so, you can buy certain items for the road while your racing to endorse other companies and make more money. (HINT: $$$ will unlock the mystery)(HINT#2: When you decide to buy items, buy cheap items with 0 percent fragility, such as nails.)