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Hoverforce (resolution 101) (pc game)
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I am the law!

The future is a grim place if movies and video games are anything to go by, and in Hoverforce we have another example of a world gone bad but which turns out to be surprisingly fun in gaming terms. This isn't a classic 3D adventure, like Castle Master but it's got enough gritty action to keep hardened retro fans hooked for a while. The story behind the game is slightly different depending on which version you play (it's also known as Resolution 101) but here a future city has been taken over by drug dealers pimping the latest trend in super addictive narcs. It falls to the player to take out the dealers in merciless fashion and which strangely enough involves a hi-tech hovercraft armed with a machine gun. The gameplay basically boils down to a kind of 3D shooter (like Descent but less dizzying) with stealth elements, where you cruise the streets looking for perps to take down in a variety of zones in the city. There's one big boss per zone to take out as well as numerous minions, and you have to grab their drugs and cash and return them for evidence and to upgrade your vehicle. Hoverforce is nothing overly complicated or deep but it is undeniably fun. There's little to it other than gratuitous blasting action and while it does get dull after a bit of time, it is satisfying stuff as long as it lasts. The graphics are quite tasty for the period, a little overly colourful considering the world in which the story takes place, but detailed and well drawn. Audio is a little lacking in character and takes the futuristic idea a bit too far but if you can ignore this, then there's a fun game to discover.