Need for Speed 2: Special Edition (pc game)
4.49 out of 5 (617 votes)
  • Game introduction
  • Car selection menu
  • Car selection menu: getting a Ferrari
  • Race started!
  • Here you are in the forest
  • Too bad, an accident
  • Nice beach over there
  • You can control car from inside
  • Another camera view
  • Wonderful Inca temples...
  • Wow... look at the monkey skull over there...
  • Inside the monkey skull
  • First person view
  • This is a great (panoramic) jump
  • Race is over
  • Getting ready for the tunnel
  • Racing near the beach
  • Need to put in next gear
  • Somewhere in Greece...
  • A snapshot extracted from game introduction video.

Best fun, physics racing game!

I personally think NFS 2 was the best racing game of the NFS franchise because of its hilarious physics. I don't know how many times I would accidentally clip an opponent and both me and him would go rolling down the hill. It added more of a challenge and a greater awareness of not haphazardly bumping into opponents. The levels were creative and the blinding speed got my adrenaline pumping. The new iterations are just boring for me.

Jungles, deserts, cities.. You'll drive them all!

The Need For Speed series is one of the best series of racing games that are out there, and all the games are perfect, or near perfect. This game is no exception to the rule. Need For Speed 2 is my all time favorite game from the series, since it includes a huge array of cars and locations, and this Special Edition game includes one extra track, four extra cars, three bonus cars, a new driving style called "wild", and 3dfx Glide hardware-acceleration support, that makes your favorite NFS game run sweeter than ever. The game has a fantastic graphical portfolio as it is, great track design and fantastic animation, followed by even better sound effects (i.e. when you scratch your car and bump into others) and a mind blowing soundtrack that is almost worth getting the game alone. As in the original Need for Speed, the game features detailed specifications, history, and audio commentaries on each vehicle, so you can get to know your car as if it were your baby. The gameplay is insanely exciting and dynamic, it truly makes your heart beat a lot faster than usual in your tries to get to the finish line in first place. While the original NFS2 will be enough for casual players, this special edition is a great treat for hard core fans of the game.

NFS2, the best racing car game

This is one of the best racing games ever made. It actually set NFS as a brand for the best racing car game. Good locations, variety of cars, quality showcase pictures along with the cheats of the special FZR car makes it a great classic racing game. Not really sure if you could add soundtracks during the race, but the FX are pretty cool for its time.