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Paddlers (pc game)
4.22 out of 5 (9 votes)
  • Breaking some blocks
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4 pong sides and a breakout center!

What a cool, interesting mash of classic retro arcade gameplay this game provides! So, here's the gist of it: the center of the table is occupied by a square that contains bricks. You are represented in the game by a paddle, one of the 4, for each one of the sides of the square that is the playing field. You have a ball, and at the start of each level, you shoot the ball, as you would if this was a Pong game and try to break the wall in the center, as in Breakout! But, at the say time, as in the former game, you can also try to shoot your ball on the other side of the screen and let it go past the other paddle, as in, evidently, Pong, which affords you a winning point. But, at the same time, you might also want to reach the inner brick walls, because there lie hidden great upgrades, to boost your paddle or some other aspects of the game. Naturally, the left hand corner of the screen is occupied by a Tetris like side menu that keeps count of points, of the stage and scores. What a great idea, if you love any of these games! Plus, you don't have to play exclusively against the PC, you can challenge your friends and play with up to three others in multiplayer. A beautiful mash of gameplay, and a great remix of some classic arcade games that you just can't not love!