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Premier Manager 3 (pc game)
4.09 out of 5 (97 votes)
  • Options screen
  • Choosing ads
  • Tactics selection
  • Manager history
  • League tables
  • Bank stats
  • Game options
  • Fixtures list
  • Transfer market
  • Save game screen
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Creating a profile
  • Statistics
  • Taking important decisions
  • Offering bonuses to the team
  • Watching the game
  • Great goalkeeper
  • Goal!
  • Season stats
  • Overview of the stadium

Manage a football club

Premier Manager lets you manage a football club in the English Premier League. You can take the manager's job at any one of the 22 Conference division teams and do your best that the team get's the best position, season after season. You have to manage not only the team and tactics to win football matches, but also the club's finances such as applying for bank loans, organising advertising boards and scheduling stadium improvements. There is no win condition, and the only lose condition is that you get fired. You can change the club you manage by taking job offers from other clubs at the end of the season or applying for a position at a club where a manager has been fired mid season. It all looks pretty good, but the problem might be that the game is not very realistic, starting from the exagerate game scores to the fact that you have more to do than the actuall manager has. But no matter, the game is still quite fun and interesting to play. Thne graphics are really simple but that is understandable considering the year the game came out. Well, overall, the game is an interesting managing game, far from perfect, but still ok for soccer fans who want to do more than just play the game.

Played on Amiga

I used to play this game hardcore on the Amiga, I am absolutely desperate to get my hands on a copy of this game again but can't find one anywhere! I bought an Amiga 600 recently and purchased PM3 from ebay but when it arrived it was the A1200 version.... scuppered again.