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Scenario (scenario: theatre of war) (pc game)
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  • The battle for Europe has begun
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.

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Turn based strategy with various elements

It is a turn based strategy game that might not be as much fun as many other games in this category but is still very interesting and addictive. The plot in the game is that up to 4 players or 1 player along with computer controlled players will take part in a mission to conquer Europe. Many would feel that it is simple war strategy game, but it is not just about war. The players will have to do everything that is needed to conquer countries and involves strategy making, resource building and allocation and a lot of other things which are very interesting and well synced with the gameplay. On your turn, you will attack provinces of Europe to conquer them and the gameplay will show you how the battles go. Coming to the strategic elements in the game, you will need to build your weaponry for which you require to build your own factory. Now you can invest money through the taxes of people so that you gain profits and manufacture your own weapon. All these aspects have their twists and tweaks in the game which you will need to counter. The graphics, the controls and the interface in this game are also better than average.

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