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3 out of 5

A night in the museum... of fear!

Shivers was a scary game, maybe, when it was released, but right now, after playing it, all I can say is, wow, this game is so funny! In the way the game is delivered, it is actually a bit on the video experience with bits that are interactive, though it is also has classic, standard, adventure portions. So expect an amalgam of puzzles, of looking for objects here and there, and then trying to find a place where to use them. The scary bits should have been delivered via the in game videos, but these are more funny than anything today. They would belong in a Troma movie without question, as they have that campy feel to them as well as having not that good a cast of actors. Anyway, I found my session with the game rather refreshing, but then again, I kind of like low quality 90esque ratty productions, so if you're into shiny, sparkly games, this thing here might not be for you. This is one for the lovers of grit and involuntary fun, of which this one has lots! Kind of reminded me of Phantasmagoria, though I must admit, the tone of that one was properly more serious.
4 out of 5

Not to play in the dark or alone

With very interesting puzzles, a nice plot and very nice visuals, this game is definitely worth your time, especially if you're into horror games, like Phantasmagoria or Alone in the Dark . Like the title suggest, you WILL get the shivers playing this game. The plot is very typical for a horror - you are dared to stay the night in a haunted museum. And there are terrrrible things going on. You have to face with puzzles of varying difficulty, mazes, and secret passages, all of which must be completed and explored in order to complete the game. The controls are really simple and the game is not too difficult. As I said, the game is very beautiful and the dark colors and lighting perfectly fit the mood of the game, as well as the sound effects and music. Get ready to get totally and absolutely terrified, because this game will make you feel like sleeping with the lights on and think about the monsters under your bed, just like when you were a kid. The game is fantastic! And if you liked it, check out the sequel, Shivers 2.
  • 4.72 out of 5 (29 votes)
    Shivers (pc game)
  • Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Movie style
  • Software house: Sierra
  • Year: 1995
  • System: DOS

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