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The Secret of Monkey Island (pc game)
4.48 out of 5 (261 votes)
  • Talk to the old man
  • In the SCUMM bar
  • Talking about the Three Trials
  • Deep beneath Monkey Island...
  • Pirate ghost Le Chuck is alive!
  • Of course it's a code, you idiot.
  • Talking to Voodoo lady
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • jail screen
  • intro screen
  • main title
  • intro screen
  • in the circus
  • in the water
  • inside the saloon
  • Finally found the monkey
  • Hope I'm not lost
  • These pirates look dangerous
  • If only I knew what he said
  • He looks surprised

Best adventure and fun game ever

Fun, humor, adventure, dialogues, graphics and a great variety of other features is what this brilliant and one of the best games is made up of. It can be easily termed as among the favorites of millions and has a lot of episodes which have been equally liked. The plot in this one is that your character wanted to become a pirate and has been dreaming of it ever since he has been a child. When he reaches the point where he is all prepared to meet his dream, his love got kidnapped and taken to the monkey island by an evil ghost. Now he gathers a crew and arranges a ship to go to the monkey island for the rescue. The plot looks quite conventional but the variety of adventure and the humor is so great that you will become a die-hard addict. The dialogues are so humorous and have been so well drafted with the scenarios that you will really laugh your heart out. Similarly the situations which your character will counter on the course will be really funny. The game is equally great in terms of the graphics which are very colorful and unique and are best for an adventure style set up. If you do not have this game in your collection, you are surely missing a lot. Tales of Monkey Island is another good episode of this great game.

Game review

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest games ever created. This game for the young and old alike contains amazing humor and very quotable lines. You guide a character by the name of Guybrush Threepwood on a journey originally to become a pirate, as that is his undying dream. However as soon as you complete the three tasks needed to become a, and I quote "foul-smelling, grog-swilling pig" your love, Governor Marley is kidnapped by the nefarious ghost of Le Chuck. You quickly scrounge up a crew, buy a ship from the loquacious Stan, and head out to Monkey Island where you intend to save the governor. This game is absolutely fascinating. I have played it through many times, just for the sake of the humor. The sequels are just as funny and even more ridiculous, although they don't capture the same charm. I recommend them as well.

Adventure masterpiece

I am Guybrush Threepwood... and I want to become a pirate! This is the starting sentence of one of the best saga in videogames history. Humour, adventure and amazing story are mixed in a way that only the title of this game, Monkey Island, can represent. Well, the story begins in Melee island, and this young guy want to become a pirate. He will live so many hilarious situation you cannot believe. And once you download and play it, you will do as well with the second, the third and the fourth episode.