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Virtual On Cybertroopers - Virtual On Operation Moongate (pc game)
4.67 out of 5 (12 votes)
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A great machines fighting game

This stunning action game is based on the idea of machines fighting which was already present before it but it took the idea to new heights. The most innovative thing about this game is its innovative gameplay and the exiting and unique control system which requires a dual joystick setup. Such a set up for controls was launched for the first time. This fighting and action game has an unlikely mix involving third person shooter and agile machines fighting each other. The graphics are really jaw dropping for those times and the arenas that are present in the game has some very well textured and attractive backgrounds. The VR's or the character pilots are also very nice looking featuring some great animations. The textures of the explosions are very transparent and the weapon trails are numerous which is very fascinating for gamers like me. Though the sounds in the game are pretty much diverse but they are not something really to flaunt about. The gameplay is a great mix of fighting and third person shooter game. Every VR can crouch, sidestep, jump and dash apart from doing a variety of other things. It's more of a fighting game rather than a shooter game and involves some very realistic combat features which are also complex. I can easily recommend this to any one anytime. Being a fighting game lover, Virtua Fighter is another good game on my favorite's list.