Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock

Adventure 2005 Windows Her Interactive Crime investigation Role playing Thriller Puzzle

What's going on at the mill?

Kids detective Nancy Drew has starred in a staggering amount of games over the years, from the Creature of Kapu Cave to Secrets Can Kill. Most of them have provided pretty solid entertainment for junior sleuths and this one proves no different, making it a great choice for adventure fans. Playing out like a lighter version of the classic point-and-click game that is Myst, this one finds Nancy caught up in a complex mystery set in the Depression-era and which revolves around the mysterious events troubling a young girl who is responsible for looking after an inn. It's classic stuff, with lots of spooky voices and objects moving by themselves, as well as plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end. The gameplay sees you exploring the small town of Titusville, chatting to the locals to uncover what they know about the mystery while looking for objects to solve the numerous inventory-based puzzles which bar your progress. There are also other puzzle styles to complete and which adds some nice variety to the detective work, so make sure you've got your best thinking hat on. For a junior romp, Secret of the Old Clock makes for a hugely entertaining time, especially on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon. The story is heaps of fun, with lots of suspect characters and creepy goings-on, while the puzzles are well implemented into the narrative and prove to very satisfying to solve. The visuals are quite lush too, with some lovely, detailed environments, so if you're a fan of Nancy or just want a rollicking mystery, this is a great choice.

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