Puzzle 1989 Dos Broderbund Education

Collection of puzzles in a cartoonish presentation

Playroom wraps its puzzles in a really nice presentation, one that makes sense, if you think about it. You can choose which mini game to play by picking a spot in the interface, a games filled room. This room has all sort of interactible objects, some which are more familiar, balls, cars, puzzle boxes, etc, and others interactible tiles, which hide other mini games. Most of these are puzzles, some tile based, other which will test your attention, your memory, your logic skills and so on. The collection of games is thus really interesting, diverse, and the look of the games is in the same cartoonish style as the interface from which you pick the games. So, while there is nothing too original to think about, there is still enough variety to keep you playing for a long time of you so desire, but do not expect anything too out of the ordinary. The collection can make up a game set you return to, for your 5 minute breaks or even for extended periods of time, depending on how you wish to play it.

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