Rayman M

Action 2001 Windows Ubisoft

M stands for Multiplayer

Here it is a nice LAN party game featuring our platform hero Rayman! The game is a nice addition to the Rayman series, but it goes a little bit out of its original platform style. The evolution of the game saw its developer to move from a 2D platform to a full 3D action game. Here they took the opportunity to spin off a different 3D game just for multiplayer fun. Probably the game does not make too much sense to be played solo against AI, as you will notice after a while it is just a death match style game. Basically there are 2 modes: race mode and arena mode. In the first type you will have to run against the clock and make the best time in different scenarios. As usual, jump, fire and dodge the obstacles to beat your best time. The arena mode is the funniest as it involves 3 different challenges against other opponents. If you can play against friends, then, the fun is assured. The graphics detail are very well realized, it's a pity that the game just stick to these modes and have not any additional single player scenario. If you play alone, the fun part is completely out and you will get bored after a while. In that case you better play other Rayman's games.