You Don't Know Jack

Puzzle 1995 Windows BMG Interactive Word or trivia Education Game show Casual Trivia

Condescending, zany, fun, fun, fun trivia!

This game does away with political correctness, with care for your feelings and with other such nonsense, to focus on a type of experience that will simply aggravate you, entertain you and make you feel like you're back in school again, in the early 90s! What the game offers is a sum of trivia questions, about the current events, pop world, and all sort of other movie and kind of pop culture area, thus, being great for those that don't really care for what is currently sold as history or as some other kind of ideas. Sure enough, You Don't Know Jack is a game that will mostly speak to those that have lived through the 90s at least as teenagers or young adults. Otherwise a lot of the remarks and a lot of the nods to pop culture will be lots on you. Also, the jock type attitude of this one will feel a bit weird to many players, especially those that have lived through the political correctness phase of the 2000s. But, nonetheless, You Don't Know Jack is a pretty alright game in terms of its database, just you know, you have to have a pop culture that spans the early 90s. Then it's a hilarious game! Alternatively? Well, see the 2006 release no6, if you're a millennial (yeah, I know you don't call yourself that, but indulge me!). The jokes and questions in this one may not feel as alien to you!

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