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Mansion (pc game)
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Escape the mansion; ASCII action adventure

Mansion is a top down, very sparse graphically game, delivered in basic ASCII clothes, yet very well produced; the backstory is that you are caught in this mansion where you've been brought against your will. You thus have to find a way out. This will entail trying to find the exit,and solving the different puzzles that are thrown at you each stage. Also, there are baddies that lurk around; they, of course are nothing but cute ASCII characters, distinct from you by having a different color. So, in many ways, Mansion is like an ASCII zombie survival game; or a monsters survival game; or whatever you want to think it of being! Cute, nonetheless, as you'd imagine easy to control, and engaging more than you'd think it would be. Sure, it is not something like a game of Rogue like, but it does a great job, and is satisfying to a high degree. So, with that in mind Mansion is great for simple top down action and puzzling. So, overall, it's got itself a goo niche, for hardcore retro DOS games players. So, have it in your collection if you fit the description!