Rogue: the Adventure Game

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The earliest classic

Rouge is a game that has set milestones to today's RPG games. It is a revolutionary game that has amazed players for decades to come and is considered the forefather of today's Rougelike games. Heck, even my favorite fantasy class is Rouge! The game's quality doesn't lie in the gameplay or puzzles, since they are both as simple as they can get, but in the fact that there is a huge amount of monsters and enemies, and the dungeon design is randomly generated, meaning you can never find two dungeons alike. We're talking about 1984 here, people! The game is text based (much like the early Zork series) and you are basically a treasure hunter that goes through seemingly endless dungeons and kill enemies. You have all your typical fantasy RPG's stats like Dexterity and Strength, the amount of gold you have and such. The graphics are very, very simple and the audio even more so. While today's players will find the game a bit too old fashioned and simple, the game should be respected and loved for it ingenious and revolutionary features without which today's game wouldn't exist.

Action RPG's Progenator

Rogue is one of those legendary legacy titles from the very beginning of the computer gaming era. In fact, the roots of many of today's greatest titles can be traced to innovations introduced in Rogue. Rogue is a dungeon crawling adventure game with randomized dungeons, random monsters, and random loot. This is like the great-grandfather to Diablo and the many Diablo clones from this current generation of action role-playing games. There are many many different versions, editions, and iterations of Rogue. Some include pets, classes, races, half-races, and other features. Some add graphical interfaces, others stick to the original ASCII representation. ASCII means that all the "graphics" are just text characters from the keyboard. The controls are very overly complex, and they had to be at the time. There was no mouse. You can type help or some variation to get a layout of what keys do what. Capital letters will do different things than lowercase letters. It all takes a lot to get used to and might not appeal to a new gamer. This trip is for experienced and daring dungeoneers only.

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