Armies of Exigo

RPG 2004 Windows City Interactive Organized Forces Medieval 3D action adventure

You won't get bored at all!

Armies of Exigo is a 2005 real-time strategy game, more exacty, an identical copy of the third game of Warcraft fantasy series. The main difference is the absence of the heroes in Armies of Exigo and the little number of races. You can choose to be on the humans side (their army is called The Empire), or you can choose the insectoids (The Fallen army) or the beast creatures (The Beast army). You will be impressed and absorbed by the amazing and high-quality graphics, and the gameplay assumes old strategy elements, the "old-school" style of RTS, and if you are a fan of this type of games, you will love Armies of Exigo. The campaigns are well-elaborated and thoughtful, therefore, you won't get disappointed and bored at all of what you will experience. You will make use of three kinds of resources: gold, wood and gems. The missions are various, up to 36, that will definitely keep you in suspense. The experience of your armies will develop progressively. Your objectives consist in engaging in massive real time battles, in blowing up bridges, create damage and other reactions in order to defeat your foes, dig tunnels, cause volcanic eruptions, etc. Briefly, you will have a lot of fun living the great adventure of Armies of Exigo!

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