Avencast: Rise of the Mage

RPG 2007 Windows Meridian4 Action Indie

A kind of magic

This isn't exactly a classic offering in the fantasy RPG genre, but for a first effort it's actually surprisingly decent. It sticks to the familiar elements of such games but still manages to be quite enjoyable if you can ignore its shortcomings. The story takes that classic fantasy/fairy tale trope of a young baby found by a poor but honest farmer who raises him until the boy is old enough to go to wizard school to learn the ways of magic. As that young apprentice, the player must complete a number of challenging tasks which require you to master spells and other such skills, including combat. There are three schools of magic to learn, each of which has different uses, such as Blood Magic which is used for combat attacks. Combat itself involves both ranged and melee styles while the game will also throw puzzles your way as you explore and set out to complete your tutors' tasks. Everything is played out in traditional third-person perspective, and you'll spend most of your time wandering around various dungeon-style locations as you proceed along the path of the wizard. This isn't exactly Diablo 3 or Sacred 2 but for a bit of cheap and cheerful fun, you could do worse. The visuals aren't spectacular and there are some issues with the controls, but the combat is generally well implemented and quite fun for most of the time. The story is also a bit on the thin side, with some ropey dialogue but the bad points are easily ignored as there are enough good elements to make this worth a look.

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