King's Bounty: the Legend

RPG 2008 Windows Katauri Interactive Strategic scope Medieval Turn based Role playing Adventure Fantasy Strategy

Strategy Gem

This game was a surprise find. I had no idea what it was when I tried it, I'd never heard of it, and I never saw any videos or screenshots of it. I saw what the expansion pack was like, and was sold on it. King's Bounty: The Legend is not to be confused with King's Bounty from the '80s. King's Bounty: The Legend is a deep turn-based strategy game with incredibly deep levels of customization. You don't actually fight as your character, but you raise an army and direct them to fight for you. The tactical depth extends to your character choice, the spells you learn, which spells to upgrade, which units to recruit, how many, will they get along, the skills to learn, and then how to use them all to their best effectiveness. There is a finite amount of resources and units. This means that the fights you win do not respawn, and the units you lose, are also finite. You'll be forced over time to trade in peasants for swordsmen, and knights, and more. There's never really a clear upgrade since every unit has some different tactical advantages to consider, as well as weaknesses. The weaknesses aren't as clearly spelled out, so this game requires a lot of thought. There's so much customization and personal choice and playstyle clearly impact the game. I love a game with choices.

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