Backgammon Professional

Puzzle 1998 Windows Oxford Softworks

Oxford bred 2D backgammon sim

Simulating backgammon has got a bit of a history going. Back in 84 IBM programmed one of the first DOS based sims that tackled this board game, aptly titled Backgammon IBM. The game used a very limited graphical interface, EGA style. What Backgammon Professional does is produce a game that looks a lot better, with graphics that try to naturalize the original. Thus, the playing surface resembles that of the original game and the gameplay is just as nice. The rules of the original are also captured as they are supposed to, so no differences there. So, you can use this recreation to teach yourself the basics of the original game, or you can hone your skills by playing against the AI of the game. Also, you can play hot seat mode against another human player. Overall, Backgammon Professional is just as advertised, a nice recreation of the classic game of backgammon with no extras, but with a very nice graphical look. You can also learn to play with the aid of the embedded tutorial or hint system that will teach you the basics and will help you become a better backgammon strategist the more you play.

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