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Very decent Backgammon simulation

Backgammon (IBM, 1984) is a cool digitization of the tabletop game that we're all used to, and, for an 84 title it is fairly well polished and with enough detail in the graphics to not offer you any issues. The table looks good enough, and the colors are chosen well, with green shades and black, which are very good for longer play sessions. Also, what the game also provides in a good fashion is different adversaries, so that you can play at different difficulty levels. You also get the usual additions, such as taking back a move, or getting a hint as well as well as a save function. Very well done, functional, and well produced, with overall great graphics and a pretty cool sounds. A good, more modern version, for those that want a bit more pixels in their games is Backgammon Professional, with a bit more graphical oomph, yet none can say that Backgammon from IBM can't stay it's ground: it's playable, versatile enough and more than expected for a game of its age! Download them both, they're both great.

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