Blades of Exile

Adventure 1997 Windows Spiderweb Software Medieval Role playing

The way the Avernum series got its start

Blades of Exile is a role playing game which relies on a lot of elements of surprise, Rogue like in nature. Most millennials will probably not know it, but will have had a bout of play with Avernum, the game that took this one to the next level. Anyway, in this early days, Blades of Exile was a straightforward, though very intricate role playing game, very well produced, with 2D graphics delivered in an isometric fashion ,and, for all intents and purposes, it was a game that was really fun. You were a member of your party, looking to win freedom from the enslavement of modern society, and thus, your goal was a liberating one. In time, for the game about 120 new modules of content were brought forward by the community, so if you were to give it a try today, this gem would offer you weeks of play. But, of course, there are some limitations, some of them that have to do with the relatively old interface and build of the game, and others that have to do with the design of the menu and controls. Thus, try Blades of Exile and if you can't really make a home for yourself with this RPG, download Avernum, it's more modern version.

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