Warcraft Adventures - Lords of the Clans

Adventure 1997 Windows Blizzard Cartoon Medieval

Orc horde, attack!

This game is almost a myth. Now you see it, now you don't. This adventure was supposed to be released in 1998 but then it got cancelled. 10 years after that, Youtube gameplay videos pop up. What the heck? Still, beta versions are available for download and gameplay. And boy, oh boy do I wish the game was more famous. This humorous cartoonish adventure game is set in the famous Warcraft world, during the events in between Warcraft 2 and it's expansion pack, Beyond the Dark Portal. It follows the adventure of an orcish former prisoner called Thrall on his almost sacred mission to gather all the orc clans in the land and unite them in a battle agaist lord Blackmoore. The game is just superb! The animation and art of the game are both beautiful, reminiscing of some of LucasArts games and the voice acting is done by some of the most famous actors in the business. The story is very moving and very captivating and the gameplay fun and oozes with a care-free and humorous atmosphere. Now, we have to keep in mind that this is a beta version, since the official version got cancelled. So, you'll be seeing a bug or three. But if you're an avid Blizzard fan then you absolutely must get it and try it out.

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