Colin McRae: DIRT

Racing 2007 Windows Codemasters Rally Driving

The best of the series!

I can truly say that Colin McRae: DIRT is the best of the Colin McRae series, and I haven't missed any of the games! Even from the first moment when you get in contact with the intro, you realize that you live the time when the developers daring promises really came to life. Colin McRae: DIRT reaches all the high expectations, and there is no way I can doubt it! You can choose as game modes between Career (a more consistent racing experience), Championship si Rally World, these being the single-player options. You can use the earned points at the end of every race to unlock another/ the next ones. Colin McRae: DIRT offers an exciting diversity concerning both the cars (over 40 vehicles, from 12 classes) and the types of ride/tracks. It's worth mentioning the following: Lancia Delta S4, Toyota Celica, GT-Four, Mitsubishi Lancer EvolutionIX, Subaru Impreta WRX, VW RACE Touareg or Dakar Nissan. Your vehicles can be bought with your victory's earned money. The graphics, the sounds, the general design are spectacular, the control is convenient and you will travel around the world. For those that want a fun, majestic, realistic, captivating racing adventure, they should try it out, and in no way this game can be missed by the true fans of the genre!

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