Colin McRae Rally 2

Racing 2000 Windows Buka Entertainment Car simulation Rally Off road

Lots of tracks, less pixelated; great rally game

Following the already excellent Colin McRae Rally the first, Colin McRae Rally 2 adds more tracks, improves the graphics, the physics that govern the behavior of the vehicles and generally, is a step forward for the franchise from all the points of view that matter. In terms of graphics, I'd say that for the period this is one of the best lo0oking games that were ever done in racing, and especially in rally racing. But that's not all, the number of options to change the vehicles, to change the cameras and so on, all of these additions improve upon the feeling that this is a serious rally simulation. Granted, you can cut the edge of the simulation by opting to use an automatic gear shift and other assists, but if you're lucky enough to have a good controller, or even better, a steering wheel controller, then this game will be as satisfying to play as any other modern day dirt track and gravel racer. Also, in terms of diversity you can be sure you'll be satisfied with Colin McRae Rally 2, as it has loads of tracks, covering all sort of terrain, also a weather system (non dynamic though) and a great driving feel. Definitely worth playing.

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