Dragons: A Challenge in Chivalry

Action 1986 Dos Capital PC Third Person Arcade style

Fantasy bat and ball fun

You might expect a game with a title like this to be another fantasy adventure or RPG but rather surprisingly, it actually turns out to be a variant on the classic Breakout/Arkanoid style of bat and ball games. There is of course a bit of storyline here, which is where the dragons come in (although their presence is rather tenuous to be honest) and as usual in this kind of thing, there is a princess who has gone and got herself kidnapped and who now needs rescuing. This is where the player comes in as a bold knight who must venture forth and get her back. For some reason, this requires the knight to complete a series of levels which represent the walls of the castle and which must be destroyed by bouncing magical coins off your magical sword in order to progress to the next one. For lovers of Breakout games, this one does actually offer a few neat twists on the established formula, not least of which is the fact that the game is played sideways on, rather rather vertically. It might not seem like much but it does actually add a lot to the game as the change of perspective requires a shift in playstyle. Furthermore, you also have enemies wandering around each stage and which can be destroyed but which also create extra bricks to really keep you on your toes. Another nice little twist is that not every brick needs to be destroyed in order to proceed, making this less an exercise in frustration than other similar games sometimes are. Dragons is certainly less than a classic and boasts simple, uncluttered graphics which are a little lacking in personality but if you love Krypton Egg, Aquanoid and the like, it's well worth a look.

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