Arcade 1986 Dos Dosbox Taito Arkanoid style Single screen

Fun to play arcade game

Here is a conventional arcade style game with an addictive gameplay. You have to destroy blocks with your ball while keeping the balls within the playing field. It's not simple as you will have to make your way out through the tough blocks for advancing on. The levels which are 33 in numbers have been designed with a lot of creativity which gives the gameplay a good depth. With every level that you conquer, the game gets harder and harder and you really have to use your mind to penetrate through. You can also advance on with your spaceship (yes, that is a spaceship!) by collecting certain items that will provide you the way through. The game also provides you some really good power ups which are really useful and vital for wining each stage. What I really liked when I played this game is that the patterns of the blocks at every level are very unique and interesting and gives you something new every time. The graphics are quite simple but good and are exactly in line with the requirements of the gameplay. Classic arcade game lovers will really appreciate this old 80's memory.

Arcade classic

Arkanoid is an arcade game developed by Taito, following the experience of the epic and original game Space Invaders, in 1986. The game is based on Atari's famous Breakout game, but brings along some new features. First of all, the game features power-ups in the game, some of which are extremely useful. The laser game, for example, is useful when you need to destroy one last block, but you're having a hard time directing your ball over there. Progressing can be made in two ways: either by destroying all the destructable blocks or picking up an item, that open a door to the to where you can take your ship and advance to the next level. The game plays the same as Breakout: breaking blocks and making sure the balls does go out of the playing field. There's a total of 33 levels, each with its unique block patterns. As you progress, the game gets harder, meaning that blocks would be lower and you would need some fast reflexes.

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